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Fierce Shot
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Experience the thrill of a cool soccer match in Fierce Shot, a captivating football game. In this game, all you need to do is draw lines to control the ball's trajectory. Score more goals within the given time limit than your opponent, and victory will be yours. Choose your country at the beginning of the game and embark on a journey to showcase your skills. Let's kickstart your professional career! Complete all the challenges in the Continental Cup and International Cup. No one can stop you from becoming the best in the world! Train and improve your skills through the endless mode, manage your progress daily, and make your shots better, stronger, and more accurate. let's play the Fierce Shot together!

How to Play Fierce Shot

To play Fierce Shot and dominate the soccer field, follow these instructions: Draw lines on the screen to control the trajectory of the ball. Aim to score as many goals as possible within the given time limit. Compete against your opponent and strive to outscore them to secure victory. Choose your country at the start of the game to represent them in the exciting matches. Embark on a career mode and conquer challenges in the Continental Cup and International Cup. Continuously train and improve your skills in endless mode to enhance your gameplay. Manage your progress daily to refine your shots, making them better, stronger, and more accurate.

Fierce Shot - Rise to Soccer Stardom

Prepare to unleash your soccer talents in Fierce Shot, where every line drawn can lead to victory. Show off your skills, score incredible goals, and become a soccer superstar. Are you ready to dominate the field and claim the title of the best?

Tips and Tricks - Score like a Pro

Looking to improve your scoring abilities in Fierce Shot? Consider these tips and tricks to enhance your gameplay: Master drawing lines: Practice your precision and timing to draw lines that guide the ball to the desired target. Aim for accuracy: Focus on hitting the target with precision to maximize your goal-scoring opportunities. Analyze the opponent: Study your opponent's strategies and weaknesses to exploit their defenses and create scoring chances. Utilize power-ups: Take advantage of power-ups available in the game to gain an advantage over your opponent. Train in endless mode: Use the endless mode to practice and refine your skills, improving your ability to score under various conditions. Manage your progress: Regularly assess your performance, adjust your strategies, and track your development to become a more formidable player.


This game was developed by Gameloft SE

How can I improve my scoring accuracy in Fierce Shot?

Discover expert techniques and tips to enhance your scoring accuracy in Fierce Shot. Learn how to draw lines effectively, analyze the opponent's defenses, and maximize your goal-scoring potential. Get ready to experience the excitement of soccer in Fierce Shot. With its cool gameplay, challenging matches, and opportunities for career progression, this game offers endless entertainment. Can you rise to soccer stardom and lead your country to victory? Lace-up your boots, grab the ball, and let the fierce shots begin!

Controls of Fierce Shot

Slide to draw the line and launch your football

Game Rating And Publish Date

92% of 56 players like Fierce Shot. The game was played 638 times since July-23rd-2023
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