Skibidi In The Backrooms

Skibidi In The Backrooms (rating 92%/111)
Skibidi In The Backrooms

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Skibidi In The Backrooms is a room-escape horror action game with 3D Halloween room environments. The objective is to collect at least 10 videotapes and find the exit without being spotted by the evil Skibidi. There are a total of 35 videotapes hidden in the backrooms, and the challenge is to find them all before Skibidi catches you. It sounds like a thrilling game to play!

Game Features

-In Skibidi In The Backrooms, players find themselves trapped in a nightmarish realm known as the backrooms. These eerie and unsettling environments are brimming with Halloween-themed decorations, creating a spine-chilling atmosphere. The goal of the game is to navigate through these rooms, collecting a minimum of 10 videotapes scattered throughout the backrooms. - However, players must remain vigilant and avoid detection by the malevolent entity known as Skibidi. This menacing presence roams the backrooms, searching for anyone unfortunate enough to have stumbled into its domain. Skibidi possesses a keen sense of hearing, making even the slightest noise a potential risk to the player's survival. - As players explore the backrooms, they must employ stealth and strategy to evade Skibidi's watchful gaze. Hiding in shadows, maneuvering quietly, and choosing the optimal paths are vital to survival. Each encounter with Skibidi increases the sense of dread, ramping up the tension as players strive to accomplish their objective and escape this terrifying place. - The gameplay mechanics of Skibidi In The Backrooms offer a captivating blend of room exploration, escape puzzles, and heart-pounding action. The immersive 3D graphics and eerie sound design contribute to the game's haunting atmosphere. Players will need to muster their courage as they search for the hidden videotapes, using every resource at their disposal to outwit Skibidi and make a safe exit.

Tips and Tricks

Can you conquer your fears, gather all 35 videotapes, and escape the dreaded backrooms before Skibidi catches up to you? Test your nerves and wits in this thrilling horror game, and see if you have what it takes to survive the nightmarish realm of Skibidi In The Backrooms.

Controls of Skibidi In The Backrooms

Move up or down = WS or Up and Down Arrows Turn left or right = AD or Left and Right Arrows Move left or right = QE Pause = P Map on or off = M

Game Rating And Publish Date

92% of 111 players like Skibidi In The Backrooms. The game was played 6,121 times since October-17th-2023
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