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Blacksmith Games

Blacksmith Games refers to a genre or category of games that revolve around the role of a blacksmith, typically in a medieval or fantasy setting. These games focus on simulating the experience of being a blacksmith, allowing players to engage in various activities related to forging and crafting weapons, armor, and other metal goods. While there isn't a specific franchise or series named Blacksmith Games, there are several games that explore this concept.

Forged in Battle

A game that lets players step into the shoes of a blacksmith in a medieval world. Players gather resources, manage a forge, and create weapons and equipment for heroes.


This game combines blacksmithing with dungeon crawling. Players run a shop during the day, selling the items they craft as a blacksmith, and become an adventurer at night, exploring dangerous dungeons for resources.

My Little Blacksmith Shop

In this sandbox-style game, players manage their own blacksmith shop. They take orders from customers, smelt metals, shape them using different tools, and deliver finished products.


Although not solely focused on blacksmithing, this action RPG features a blacksmith character who crafts powerful weapons for the player's party. Players can gather materials, learn recipes, and enhance their arsenal through the blacksmith's services. These examples illustrate the concept of blacksmithing within games, where players can immerse themselves in the intricacies of the forge, create unique items, and contribute to the progression of the game world. While the number of dedicated blacksmith games is limited, blacksmithing mechanics can also be found as a feature or side activity in certain RPGs or simulation games set in medieval or fantasy settings.

What are the most popular Blacksmith Games?

What are the best Blacksmith Games?

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