Halloween Rush - Smile Tooth

Halloween Rush - Smile Tooth (rating 96%/8)
Halloween Rush - Smile Tooth

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Are you ready for a thrilling Halloween experience? Look no further! Halloween Rush - Smile Tooth is here to satisfy your cravings for excitement and teeth-whitening fun. This platform-running arcade game will keep you on the edge of your seat with its 3D Halloween teeth items and jaw-dropping challenges. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure with Smile Tooth and show your dental skills to the world!

Upgrade Your Teeth and Income

- In the game, not only do you get to have a spine-chilling experience, but you also have the opportunity to upgrade your teeth and income. As you progress through the game and collect more teeth, you can use the money earned to upgrade your teeth to make them cleaner and whiter. The cleaner and whiter your teeth are, the more money you can earn, so make sure to invest in their appearance! - Moreover, by collecting teeth and reaching certain milestones, you can upgrade your income. This means that with each successful completion of a level, you earn more money. The higher your income, the more opportunities you'll have to unlock exciting features and goodies in the game. So, keep hustling and strive to maximize your earnings!

Unlock Skins for Extra Earnings

- Worried about keeping your gaming experience fresh and exciting? Fear not! Halloween Rush - Smile Tooth has an array of skins available for you to unlock. Each skin offers not only a cosmetic enhancement but also extra earnings. By switching to different skins, you can increase the amount of money you earn with each tooth delivered to the boys after crossing the finish line. - Imagine dressing up your character as a spooky ghost or a mischievous pumpkin, all while earning extra rewards. These skins add an element of surprise and variety to the game, making your Halloween Rush experience even more delightful and enticing.

The Power of Clean and White Teeth

- As you navigate through the thrilling courses of Halloween Rush - Smile Tooth, remember the importance of clean and white teeth. The more teeth you deliver to the boys after crossing the finish line, the more money you can earn. So, make sure to stay focused and collect as many teeth as possible along your way. - Not only will keeping your teeth clean and white benefit your in-game earnings, but it also promotes good dental hygiene in real life. Halloween Rush - Smile Tooth serves as a reminder that the appearance of your teeth matters both in virtual worlds and the real world. Take this opportunity to learn, have fun, and embrace healthy habits.

Controls of Halloween Rush - Smile Tooth

Desktop: Mouse click and drag to play. Mobile: Tap and slide to play.

Game Rating And Publish Date

96% of 8 players like Halloween Rush - Smile Tooth. The game was played 131 times since October-24th-2023
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