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Fishing Master (rating 92%/30)
Fishing Master
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Fishing Master is actually not a fishing simulation game but a relaxation clicker game with 2D cartoon art models. After choosing the target fish, you can start clicking the water till you catch the fish. The fish will try to get rid of you and escape in a few seconds. You need to consume its energy in time.

When you earn some cash, I recommend you upgrade your Strength first, then others. The next fish will always be stronger than the last one. If your strength is not enough to catch it, it is useless even if you can tap fast. When you have enough strength, it is easier to catch the challenge fish.

As for skins, Fishing Rods will offer extra strength per tap except for the initial Broken Fishing Rod. Outfits will offer extra damage per tap except for the Casual outfit. Keepnet will offer an extra price when you catch some rare fish. Assistant will increase the Income, Strength, Damage, and Price. You can open chests to obtain them.

Try some drift bottles when they are charged, you can claim extra cash from them. If you are lucky, you can receive some treasure chests. Open them for assistants!

Game Features

  • Easy to operate the fishing man with one button
  • Available to buy 5 fishing rods, 5 outfits, 5 keepnets, and 7 assistant
  • Available to upgrade Strength, Damage, and Earnings
  • The Challenge will offer more rewards and targets for you if you don't know how to earn money and what to do

Mastering: Expert Tips and Tricks

  1. Catching new fish can unlock more fish for your fishpond
  2. According to the progress bar, keep tapping to catch the target fish
  3. Summon a Fishing expert with Divine help, he will complete 5 times less in 10 minutes automatically
  4. When you recapture 14 fish, you can unlock a new mode

Controls of Fishing Master

On PC and Mobile

  • Keep tapping on the screen

Game Rating And Publish Date

92% of 30 players like Fishing Master. The game was played 300 times since April-17th-2024
Enjoy playing games on PC, mobile phones and tablets. If you like, please don't forget to recommend it to your friends, they'll be interested in it too, thank you!
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