Banana Cat Escape

Banana Cat Escape (rating 96%/130)
Banana Cat Escape
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Prepare for an exciting adventure with Banana Cat Escape, a captivating 3D maze game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In this game, you control a mischievous cat dressed in a banana costume, navigating through challenging mazes while avoiding the watchful eyes of pesky dog guards. Your mission is to collect all the bananas scattered throughout the maze and reach the exit to advance to the next level. But there's a twist - you can also collect special milk power-ups that allow you to destroy blue and green obstacle walls.

How to get away from the maze and complete the level

1. Final Goal: Guide the Banana Cat through intricate mazes, avoiding detection by the vigilant dog guards. 2. Necessary collection: Collect all the bananas scattered throughout the maze to complete each level and unlock new challenges. 3. How to break blue and green doors: Keep an eye out for milk power-ups that allow you to break through blue and green obstacle walls, opening up new paths. 4. Failure conditions: Be caught by guards' sights, they have limited patrolling paths.

Becoming a Maze Master

1. Know about the patrolling path of every guard: The Guard will not stand there without patrolling! From avoiding the dog guards to uncovering hidden paths, we've got you covered. 2. Puzzle obstacles: Some need you to step on the switch once, and some need you to push a chest to keep pressing on it to close the trap.

Controls of Banana Cat Escape

W or Up Arrow - move up, S or Down Arrow - move down, A or Left Arrow - move left, D or Right Arrow - move right

Game Rating And Publish Date

96% of 130 players like Banana Cat Escape. The game was played 7,448 times since September-14th-2023
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